New addon - "License creator/manager"

I'm glad to announce to you new addon called “License creator/manager”, basicaly, this addon allows you to create license keys apply them to orders, and manage them from it's own page, it is ideal for those, who sell digital products, i.e. other addons, coupon codes and other stuff. It work lice licenses from cs-cart, your system dends request to theirs server, and controller gives responce, and then your system checks this responce and work on it's scenario - allow to work, or not.

What does addon includes - admin area page, where you can manage/create/delete licenses, customer area, where you have ability to check status, number, time of purchase of particular license

Hey, This is nice i need this for some vendors.

Where is this addon?

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Hey, This is nice i need this for some vendors.

Where is this addon?


Hello posto, thanks for your reply, this addon is commercial, and require some core changes, if you intrested in purchasing this addon, you can contact me by email -, or by skype - dxlogic1

Are there half a dozen screen shots to look at before parting with money?

Licence Creator / Manager? I think you mean “Licence Management” (includes: create, delete, modify, manage etc…)

I'm keen to learn more!


It appears N1XUS has been banned from the forum so it's unlikely you'll get a reply here - see post #3 for his contact details. This add-on does sound interesting though, so I'm going to get in touch too.