New Addon: Ez Fraud Detection

EZ Merchant Solutions announces our latest V4 addon EZ Fraud Detection. If you like statistics about your customers/orders, you will LOVE this addon.

The addon analyzes a large number of customer/order attributes and scores each according to a set of rules with attributes defined by you. If the score exceeds the first threshold, then the order is flagged as fraud and optionally placed in a separate order status. If the score exceeds the second threshold, the submission of the order is completely disallowed and the order is saved in the Incompleted order status.

Users flagged a fraudulent are prevented from placing future orders. User flagging is supported for both registered and unregistered users (email address used for unregistered users).

A map is shown on the order detail page showing the distance between the IP address used, the billing address and the shipping address. All of this is also embedded into rules so you can score conditions that are suspect.

In addition to fraud detection, order characteristics are summarized so you can see a variety of things like the number of pages navigated before placing an order (navigation velocity), whether the order is being placed by a robot or not, who the referrer was for the current session, etc.

On the order listing page, the currently displayed orders are summarized as to their min/max/total/average for navigation information, ship distance and fraud statistics. Orders are also color coded as to whether they are suspected fraud or not.

A couple of screen shots are below. More product details can be seen at:

Product details:

Marketplace: Cs-cart Marketplace

Documentation: fraud_detect.pdf

Order detail page (note columns reversed in 4.2.x versus 4.1.x)

Order listing page

Manage rules page (note columns reversed in 4.2.x versus 4.1.x)

This add-on looks awesome! I just upgraded from 3.x to 4.2.1. I will be purchasing this add-on.

Thanks @jegesmaci. We've invested a lot of time to try and get this both sensitive to fraudulent activity detection without generating a lot of false-positives by leaving the majority of control up to the merchant.

All sites are different and the customer bases of sites is also vastly different with a wide range of risk factors.

But if you've ever been stung by fraudulent orders, you know that this addon will pay for itself in one event.

We sell cameras and are constantly dealing with attempted fraud.

I use the free add-on for MaxMind along with fraud filters and have gotten very good results. MaxMind requires little or no setup and has a free trail, afterwards just $5 a month.

It seems like MaxMind does most of what this does (Geo ranking, etc.), but has the advantage of using a huge fraud databases to compare with. While this mod gives more local control, that isn't always a good thing when dealing with attempted fraud.

BTW, many international buyers use mail forwarding services to send packages cheaper. Geo location will result in false positives. We've just learned from experience where some of these are located and approve their orders manually.

What does this mod do better?

Tony, another fraud check that I use in determining fraud is the phone number area code so you may want to include that in this seemingly effective add on. Unfortunately I am still on 2.2.5 but will be looking into this add on further if/when I upgrade.

Jack, Last I checked the maxmind addon wasn't free (well, the addon is, but the service wasn't). Has this changed? This addon does have cost for ongoing geo-location services. But it's at about $0.10/order which is pretty cheap.

There are two aspects of this addon:

  1. Actual fraud detection (as discussed in the docs, it's pre-order detection). Anet will decline an order if you use their fraud filters and they trigger. Not sure cs-cart can distinguish between various Decline reasons.
  2. Characteristics of your customer ordering patterns and activity. I.e. how many pages are navigated before checkout? What are the geo-location attributes of the customer (note that it separates movile devices from non-mobile so you can have separate settings for each). I don't think maxmind nor anet do reasonable bot detection either.

    This addon is intended to give the merchant the most control possible by allowing them to “score” different rules based on their own business models. Each business has different factors for fraud based on products and/or customers. Additionally, it can be used for order statistics without regard to fraud. I.e. you can set the thresholds at zero and simply collect the data and start seeing things about your customers that you've never seen before. If patterns arise, you can then do marketing campaigns targeted specifically at those customer characteristics.

    Tool - Area code (when dealing with international) can be quite deceptive given the variety (and open method) of phone number entry in cs-cart (tons of old threads about that). But thanks for the tip, will investigate further.