New Addon: Ez Checkout Charities

We now offer even more charity donation options for you and your customers....
Our newest charity donation addon (EZ Checkout Charities) allows your customers to choose how much THEY want to donate to one of the charities you support. Our prior EZ Charities addon lets you determine how much YOU want to donate to charities that your customers select from as a percentage of the order amount.
The EZ Checkout Charities addon presents your customers with a simple selection during checkout. They can choose which charity to donate to and either select from a set of pre-defined amounts (addon setting) or to round-up to the next whole amount or enter an alternative amount. Simple button clicks add/remove charity donations to the order.
The admin interface allows you to track donations so you can periodically pay the charities and track those payments too.
A tracking list looks like:
You can combine the two charity addons so that everyone has skin in the game. You contribute and so can your customers.
To purchase, you can go to the addon details page here:
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