Negative Inventory for specific products

Is it possible to have negative inventory for only specific products? Not simply all products?

Also, is it possible to have buy in advance simple show 7 days from the current date? A product that is ordered can be made and shipped in 7 days but is not specifically in stock.


I’m not sure you can do this with CS-Cart.

You can set buy in advance on a product by product basis. Backordering is a standard feature. If you set the Inventory to “Do not track” and the “in stock” to “0”, that will still allow you to order even if you have no inventory; The inventory, however, will not go negative.

That said, having an availability always be in the future would defeat the purpose of a buy in advance feature. I can’t imagine a feature where the availability date for a product is never reached.

What you might try is indicating that the delivery will take 10 to 14 days.

Thanks for the insite, that makes sense. Would it be possible for someone to pay a deposit until the specific product is manufactured? Then pay the rest in full when its shipped?


There might be a way to fudge delayed payments, but two payments from the same transaction … I think the payment gateways might see this as fraud: i.e. You’re using their info for a second, unauthorized transaction to steal money.

I still think the delivery time is a good idea if you can guarantee delivery.