Needed for Next Update

Product Grid View Option… Instead of just a list of products

Layered Search (ex. Magento)… enables to drill down on a product that you are looking for…

Easier way to create a product feature comparison… (ex. a computer is very different form a digital camera… its extremely difficult to select what options I want customers to compare when its so difficult to select them even in order…) My opinion… it should be implemented a little different than it is right now…

Must be desperate for these. They were posted in the 1.3.6 wishlist thread.

I wouldnt call it desparate but maybe obvious features to have…

I’m with you on this request! We’ve had numerous requests from clients for a drill-down catalog/shopping cart application.


Select Vehicle: (dropdown list of vehicles)

Select Year: (dropdown list of years)

Select Component Group: (dropdown list of component groups ex. engine, body)

List available Component Group parts: