$$$ Needed For Mod

I am working with the developers to create a mod that will suggest to buyers that they need to add more to their cart to make a free shipping minimum. It will also suggest products that they can add to achieve the minimum. The cost is $400.00 and I have $250.00 committed from other users.

It works this way:

If you offer free shipping for example orders of $100.00 or more and your customer has an order totaling $65.00, this mod will tell the customer that they only need to order $35.00 more to qualify for free shipping. It will also list products in the $35.00 price range for them to add to their cart. The mod will tell them how much they will save on shipping by ordering the extra product. So if they order an extra product for $35.00 and the shipping on the original order of $65.00 was $11.00, then the cost of the $35.00 item is actually $24.00 because they save on the shipping.

If you’d like to contribute and receive a copy of this mod when it is available PM me.

It will take about 2 weeks from the time I order the mod plus a few days for testing and tweaking.