Need to import users database into cs-cart, problem with encripted passwords

Hi there!

This one is a BIG TIME problem for us…

We have to import several thousands users from another CMS to CS-Cart. All is fine but for the password field. The password field is “as is” in the older CMS, but is encrypted in CS-Cart.

Due to the huge amount of data, we are going to import the SQL from the old CMS, edit it to fit CS-Cart tables, and import it into CS-Cart. But we need to convert those passwords to encrypted ones.

Is there anyway to do this conversion - at all? Please, any advice is highly appreciated.


Here’s the long way :


It would be a good idea to list that CMS of yours as you’re bound to find someone thats done the same eventually

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]Here’s the long way :


So CS-Cart does use MD5… ?

As far as I’m aware yes it does

EDIT : Check this thread

Cheers Jesse,

Thanks for the tip, ended up posting there too… I need to find a solution for this problem!

I do personally know a PHP developer who may be of assistance.

I am unsure what the cost involved would be. Let me know if your interested.

Those that are reading this thread, please post. I know I might have found a paid solution but it would be better for you if it was free right?

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]it would be better for you if it was free right?[/QUOTE]

It would be alright… :wink:

What I’m hoping is to find someone here who has dealt with the same difficulty and found a solution. It would be great if we got a solution to this thread as it’s very likely that many will be facing the same problem in the future.

Particularly for CS-Cart, it would be an affirmation that their system is not only highly secured by MD5 encryption, but adoptable by folk already having their shops in other CMSs but wish to migrate to CS-Cart. But of course that’s my opinion…

Yes, I think this is the one…


It’s a php script that can be run from any browser. First you’ll need to change some variables in the file according with your server configuration, then you hit the submit button…

It’s supposed to encrypt the field you determine as password field on your database.

I haven’t tested it yet, but once I do, I’ll post the results here. Until then, try it at your own risk, and back-up your database first!!! :wink:



First I did a temporary installation of CS-Cart on my localhost server on my machine.

# Then I went to phpMyAdmin and manually changed the passwords to plane passwords.

# Then I configured the script "encrypt.php" and ran it. I got a notice that the 3 passwords were successfully encrypted.

# Then I went back to phpMyAdmin and saw that the passwords were encrypted.

# Then I logged in in all three accounts from the frontend with no problem.

However - please back-up all your database before you do something like this, and run it on a local server before running it in the actual server. So far I've tested it only locally, looking forward to test it remotely.

Good luck!

Sorry for upping this thread,

Any update for this trouble? how to import customers from old oscommerce to new CS-Cart? I have about 8000 customers.

Can technical support do that and how much credits?

thank you