need to backup entire site

i am attemping to run the store manager again to backup my site and fails over and over. I continue to get the error which states ’ error when starting script execution! '

and in details it says

the possible number of server connections is exceeds the configured limit .

i had this problem for a while already but now i really must get a good backup. how cna i backup my store!!

You can backup your files with an FTP program and backup the database from the admin area of the CART or the CPanel on your Hosting account using phpMyAdmin.

In phpMyAdmin choose the database and export

In the admin area of the CART on the right choose DB Backup/Restore

I have had this same issue with one of our site. We have several different sites on several different host. I am able to back up all of my sites using Store Manager except the site at

I have contacted the host but they see no problem.

Yes, I am able to back up using old fashioned ftp and database backup built in to the online admin, but I wanted to back up using the Store Manager. Especially since I am getting ready to upgrade to sp4.

Does your host have a way of backing up your site? I do both, but more so on the host side only because your hard drive can crash any time unless you have two or more backups on different drives.

here is a great article for moving between servers


I used this method twice and it worked fine. The only problem I had was with my new server which runs on cpanel. This causes a permissions problem but CHOWN the entire folder fixed it.