Need Someones Help

First issue fixed with [COLOR=blue]MANY thanks[/COLOR] to jesseleestringer

Second issue fixed with [COLOR=blue]MANY thanks[/COLOR] to baballuci

Admin / Languages

At the bottom of the languages page search for “cs-cart” and “cscart”

Change the values as required

In either products.tpl or products_advanced.tpl comment out these lines:


{if $product.product_options}

{include file=“products_pages/product_options.tpl” id=$product.product_id product_options=$product.product_options name=“product_data”}


Thank you just isn’t enough to say to you baballuci but thank you very much:D that is where it was.products_advanced.tpl

I must have looked at that file a thousand times.

we can now start add our product.

i know PHP Nuke in side and out this is my first time with a shopping cart.

CS-Cart is a great cart at $195 dollars and the members here at cs are the best.

Again thank you both for your help.

have a great day or night