Need someone to make my store work with Google Merchant

I am looking to pay someone who can get my shop working with Google merchant. I have tried but it is beyond me especially that I drop ship half of my products so i don’t want Google to show that these products are out of stock etc.

Please let me know if this is something you can do and how much…thanks

Maybe you can explain, in detail, what you’re doing and what the result is.?

As far as Availability, whatever your site is displaying is what Google will display. Google checks that all information is accurate on the live page.

Thanks, but how do I show products that I drop ship direct from the distributor and still show them as in stock. These products are not in stock with me so I have “Track Inventory” as “No” and “In Stock” as 0

Google is picking these up as “Out Of Stock”

I do also have on-hand stock of other products that I want to manage their physical stock levels.

I also have products that I have in stock and when stock runs out I don’t order any more until I sell another 1 and then order 2 of them, 1 for the 1 I just sold and 1 to put back into stock.

Google doesn’t seem to like this type of business model and just shows things as out of stock stopping any potential sales

Maybe use one of the other values for availability like preorder? ItemAvailability - Enumeration Type

Thanks but i think pre-order is just as bad as Out of stock. I am in a competitive industry and buyers will just go to a different store.