Need Some Shipping Help

I am having a problem getting CS-cart to properly calculate shipping for a group of items. It seems like it is making a new shipment for each item added.


Product A weighs 2lbs and when packaged is 60in long. I can fit 8 in a box

Product B weighs 3lbs and when packaged is 60in long. I can fit 6 in the same box

boxes are 4X4X60.

Customer orders 2XA and 2XB. total weight is 10lbs.

UPS gives me a price of $22.20 to ship it ground.

CS-Cart is showing $48.53

Both are for UPS ground to the same location. How can I fix this?

Can someone please tell me how to deal with this? I just had to refund a customer $41 in shipping fees they were over charged. I can't imagine that CS-Cart doesn't have a working shipping system. Whats the point of having CS-Cart if I have to have customers email their orders so I can process them manually?

I would also like to point out that I have to pay a fee for each transaction so this is costing me money.

Is there anyone out there who has figured out how to get the right shipping for multiple items in a single box with CS-Cart? Is there some sort of packing algorithm plugin that fixes CS-Cart?

Still waiting for some help on this. Is there anyone from CS-Cart here who can help me?