Need Some Help On Improving Store Speed With 20K Products


i am running a cs-cart ultimate 4.2.4 with about 18,000 products at the moment. i am using a VPS by hostgator, but somehow i am not at all satisfied by our store speed. really need help on how to fix things to improve things to work quicker for our customers and backend staff.

some example cases when the speed is really slow:

the first repose from server is really slow.

when i change status of an order in backend, it takes really too long.

a customer changes shipping method (takes too long)


Hosting: VPS Hostgator india server
CPU: 4.25 Ghz
RAM: 3.09 GB RAM

some major addons installed on server:[list]
[*]eCom Labs: Order History
[*]SoftSolid: Wholesale change orders status
[*]WSA: Product images for invoices
[*]WSA: Product shipping cost
[*]WSA: The total weight of the order
[*]Cart-Power: Free shipping notifier
[*]Cart-Power: Images gallery
[*]Dependent Payment Methods
[*]Cart-Power: Invoice/Packing Slip constructor
[*]Order status sms notifications
[*]Cart-Power: Product inquiry
[*]Cart-Power: Request a call

the hosting cpu is always working at peak. dont know why its asking too much resources.

also i want to know if i need to install any mod on server for speed? like google mod_pagespeed??

soon i am planning to add about 50k more products, next month.. really dont know how will server react on this.

the "cscart_stored_sessions" table is nearly 2gb in size. we have about 6000 visits per day as of now.

please recommend me what changes and tweaks can fix up my server.

skype: elcotek





Host a vps with ssd disks. That should solve your problem. Its a little more expansive but verry fast.

Hi Nonu, how about giving a Dedicated server a try? Also, this could be a single plug in causing the issue. Disable all plugins first and see if the speed improves. Then enable plug ins one by one until you will find the culprit. 1.gif

"VPS by hostgator" say know more. They restrict the services to your visitors. If that server is a distance from your customers you won't get any decent speed if too many people hit the server at once. From what you have listed you need a dedicated server anyway.