Need Some Feedback Help With An Old Cs-Cart Install On New Vps

Please see

This is our old-school CS-Cart is 1.3.4-sp2 install that has served us well for many years (I have been a loyal CS-Cart customer since 2006!). On our older (2-3 years old) VPS, this early CS-Cart install works somewhat fine. However, now any newer VPS transfer attempts like the latest referenced above will not run the cart properly.

Is this a newer PHP incapability issue?

I am seeing a similar issue on slightly newer yet still old-school stripped down v2.x.x. install I loaded here:

Any feedback would be appreciated.


PS: New latest version test cart installs work fine, but the amount of work I would need to do to move everything over to a fresh install scares me… even if I know it is probably unavoidable.

Disregard. It was a PHP issue. It seems 5.3.23 is the last version to play nice with these older CS-Cart installs.