Need Solutition To Make Fiter For Option Variants Also

In cs-cart , products may have features. By the features products may be filtered.

Feature is attribute of product. But what about product variants? Every variant is a product, with its own SKU.

I have products that use the Color as an option and i need Color filter.

Certain color is what customers want to find in a bunch of different products, like yarns, in my case.

The problem is that option variants cannot be associated with feature variants and thus used in filters.

Is there any accomplished solution to filter products by their options/variants.

So, if color found in the option variant, the product with its matching (or all) variants added to result page.

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Hi vladi

we are starting this project. If you like you can take part


our Project Ready

Option Filters for v4.x - CS-Cart Addons/Πρόσθετα at Cscart.Biz | CS-Cart Market by


Dear Fotis, I have sent my message at your site regarding this product 5 days ago but did get any response yet.

Is there any support?


Hi Vladi

unfortunattly I havent recieved any email regarding this product.

PLease send me you email directly to info [at] dvs . gr or pm through the forum messanger

Thank you