Need Quote for modification on Multi-Vendor version

We need a quote to do the following with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor version 2.2.4.

Description: We need the ability to change the theme of the website based on the product that we are selling. We need this feature to brand the site in such as fashion that we can increase our conversions when selling product. It would be like having a store within a store. The design will have the following properties:

1.On the “Edit Category” page at the top of the page where there are tabs labeled “General, Blocks, View Products, Delete Category” we would like to add a tab labeled “Skin Selector”. This skin selector feature will have the following properties:

a.Only administrators to the site will have the ability to change the skin.

b.The skin selector tab will look like the skin selector page under the “Design” menu of the site.

c.The categories will automatically default to the stores template that is selected under the design section of the admin area.

d.When you change the skin in the category skin selector page it will change the skin template for that selected category. All other categories will default the stores selected template.

e.If you click on a product under a category it will use the categories selected template. This needs to work even for products that are assigned to multiple categories.

2.We would like the change to function using CS-Cart’s hooks as an add-on. All changes to core files must be documented.

Hello rrrolfs!

If it's not difficult to you, please contact us with the same description, we'll estimate the price for you.

Best regards, Alt-team