Need Multi vendor edition customizing.

any can make that ?

i want mmv e edition frond edition work same as professional

but admin area must work same as MVE ?

coz i want follow products vendors

i dont want sperated orders, different shipping methods.

when order placed from different 2 vendor

orders must be show frond end area same professional

and at admin area vendorS must see same orders but only ourself order lines ?

i dont really understand your english, im sorry

Hello cavemin!

Our “Multishop” addon allows to use Multivendor edition as a main store and CS-Cart Professional as a substore with all information taken from Multivendor. So, you can have two stores but one common admin panel between them (Multivendor admin).

If you want it to be realized another way, we are glad to offer you our custom development service.

Best regards, Alt-team

no mate. i want just item shipment workground

vendor-> main company->customer

currenty customer see sperated orders, seperated shipping methods etc.

i want same order numbers same shipping methods

when customer placed a order from different 2 vendor, all evndor must be same order number but own product lines. thats all