Need Mod ASAP. Sell by measurements

I need a mod that I can add like a global option to price products based on 2 measurements?

Example Table Pad:

20" length

10" width

=200 sq. inches = $16 based on .08 per sq inch.

We also do the leafs for the tables so there will be another one doing the same thing for the leaf. As we need to know the size of the leaf if there is one.

Based on a cost per sq inch I set.? I would like to get it down to the fraction if I can like we have in our current shopping cart seen here Custom Made High Quality Table Pads - Berger's Table Pads if you add a product and go though the shopping cart we need it to work something like that.

Who can do this the fastest and for the best price. We need it done like yesterday. LoL

My email is




Just so you know, messing with price in cs-cart requires a lot of modification in lots of different areas since price tends to be looked up differently in different areas.

You are going to need special fields for your products of Length and Width and special pricing matrix for Square Inch (or other options). You're then going to need to capture any access to the product price and/or group discounts and replace it with your own calculated pricing.

I have looked into doing price bundles (which is a part of what you want done), I.e. each, box, package, dozen, etc. and it gets real messy, real fast and I never thought I could end up on the profit side doing an addon for this.

So rather than look at best price, I would caution you to focus more on quality, completeness and portability to future releases than I would the out of pocket costs. Those costs can be recovered quite quickly if it all works right. However ongoing fix-it, upgrade and qualitative costs can bleed you dry, especially if it's done in a manner that requires you to update it at every upgrade.

Good luck.