Need help with Vendors Account balance

Does anyone know how to prevent sellers from putting the balance of their accounts in negative? I would like to be able to limit sellers from being able to request to withdraw more funds than they have in their account.

I can recommend you to use the default Vendor-to-Admin Payments add-on:

And we can recommend this add-on, which can prevent vendors from making payout over their balance: All Products :: Limits for vendor's accounting payouts

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I have that Add on installed and I use it but in the settings there is no way to limit how much they can withdraw. I don’t charge vendors a monthly fee through a vendor plan. I have modified the store to charge % from Categories and Subcategories so the balance on their accounting is the $ the website admin must pay to them.

There is no way to limit vendors to not overdraw their account. I don’t understand how something so simple cannot be implemented in the Default Add on, a little check mark somewhere that if selected prevent vendors to overdrawn their balance.

You can set up this add-on so that if a vendor withdraws too much and goes into a negative balance, their access to the vendor panel will be blocked and their products on the storefront will also be disabled.