Need Help With Unitheme 2 & Addon From


I did a fresh install with the latest version of cs-cart and installed/configured unitheme 2 and the addon from

Cs-Cart 4.10.3.SP1

Unitheme 2

Tilda addon:

I can't get the addon working. I tried contacting support in the past and emails went unanswered, so i'm trying it with the forum.

The addon installs and synchronizes with tilda, but the tilda/cs-cart pages aren't displayed correctly, as if the css wasn't applied.

I need for someone to log into our cs-cart install and maybe fix the issue.

We can pay with paypal.

Kind regards,


I found the solution by perusing php.log

allow_url_fopen is disabled on our server, so the tilda addon can't fetch the assets like css files, images, etc. from the tilda servers.