Need Help With Seo

I don't see my website on Google I need help displaying my site on Google

For example when a person searches a product on Google and i have that product on my site my webpage link shows up on search…what can i do to make it popular?

Please guide me step by step…

Does your site come up in Google if you search for your company name?

How long has your site been available on the internet?

Are you selling a niche product, or something very common?

Site hardly shows up like 1 page or something.

and sites been up over 1 month but i have seen sites where i post something and search on site it appears in like few mins on google.

Running 4.1.5

Your site is not indexed by Google even for one page? Is your site running under SSL mode including normal pages?

My site is not running under SSL mode… And yeah my site isn't indexed by google when i search on google with full url all i see is like 2 links to my site

Sounds like either your robots.txt is blocking spiders or your pages all have “noindex” in the code. The fact that other sites are linking to you means that Google knows about your site, but isn't indexing and ranking it.

This is my robots.txt

User-agent: *

Disallow: /images/thumbnails/

Disallow: /app/

Disallow: /design/

Disallow: /js/

Disallow: /var/

Disallow: /store_closed.html

if anyone has a solution please let me know.

Nothing there to block spiders from your pages. I didn't find any noindexes on your pages either.

If you have a Google+ account, use your credentials to sign into [url=“Google 搜索中心(前身为“Google 网站站长”)| 网站 SEO 资源  |  Google Developers”][/url] so you can see the crawl stats, submit a sitemap, tweak your Rich Snippets, and submit some URLs for indexing.