Need help with Promotions block background color

Hi everyone. It will sound stupid, but I can’t find where to change the Promotions block background color. After some updates to my store and themes I am not able to modify back to the color I had the block in my home page.

If you visit my website you will see that the Top bar color is different to the Promotions block background color. I don’t know why every time there is an update the fonts, colors, text size everything change.

Can someone help me? I don’t want to do it by CSS code, I would like to know if there is a specific place where the color can be modified manually.

Thanks in advance

In the standard banner you can’t change the background colour, it is simply a image. However it looks like you have uni-theme. Uni-theme componets often break with cs-cart version updates, however if you have a current AB unitheme subscription they do updates regularly after a new cs-cart version is released.

Assuming you are talking about uni-theme advanced banner and your add-on is current (you can tell this by looking at the AB add-on manager version installed vs available) then you are most likely looking for the background colour under the “image” heading of the relevant banner settings.


Hi! Thanks for your answer, but it was not available under Theme settings, I had to do it with code. Thanks

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