Need Help With Button

Hello, i need help adding two buttons to product pages. I need one to be Activation, and one to be refill? And i need them to take the place of add to cart and right next to each other? Any help is appreiciated.


For CS-Cart 4.x to add new buttons, you should modify the “design/themes/[THEME]/templates/buttons/add_to_cart.tpl” file

where [THEME] can be “basic” or “responsive” (it depends on which theme is used in the store).

Additionally, if you need to add buttons only for product details page or “Quick view”, you should use Smarty variable:


Its value is “true” for product details page/quick view and “false” for product listings

We suggest you to use the products:add_to_cart hook in the design\themes\YOUR_THEME\templates\common\product_data.tpl file

yes, that would be a better solution if you want to make it as separate module.

Example of implementation you may check in the “design/themes/YOUR_THEME/templates/addons/call_requests/hooks/products/” file for latest CS-Cart versions.