Need help from old Interspire user..

I have been using Interspire Shopping Cart for years but alas, it has been discontinued. I have been searching and searching for a “compatible” or should I say “similar” shopping cart system and don't know where to turn. I need some help here narrowing down my options and a point in the right direction. I have been looking at this CS-Cart, TomatoCart, Magento and osCommerce.

First of all I currently use Interspire's Toy Store theme and need a very similar theme.

Next biggest problem is that I need to make an “upload” option for every product so that customers can submit their artwork (for my custom apparel shop). I tried the demo of CS-Cart and it appears to be able to do this but it doesn't put a search box it only puts a blue “Upload File” link which is ok but I want it to stand out more to customers.

The last biggest problem… Shipping. I tried CS-Cart a few years back and I never got shipping to work ever. I looked at the demo today and still don't see how it works. I have an account with USPS, and FedEx and I think UPS. I offer all three options with my current Interspire Shopping Cart and they automatically obtain the shipping cost right from the carrier's server. I can even do my own shipping quotes if I know the weights to be able to tell customers the cost of shipping. After studying and looking seriously into CS-Cart I think this is the deal breaker and CS-Cart just isn't going to do it for me. With that said (I might be wrong), what is the most “compatible” shopping cart to Interspire Shopping Cart (and I don't mean BigCommerce)?

Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated. I should also mention I am going to use a migration service to transfer to the new cart once I find one.

Hello, neojim!

Please clarify your needs about the uploading options in more detail. If you can provide an image, that would be great.

As for realtime shipping methods, they work in CS-Cart if are properly set. Please refer here for instructions:

Hello neojim,

We have started using CS Cart recently comming from Interspire. It takes a few good hours, but you'll hget used to it eventually. There are some minor things you might miss out, but over all, CS Cart is very good for an Interspire replacement.

There is also an add-on called “product designer” where one can upload their own images. I have never used it but maybe that is what you need.

Templates should not be a problem at all, you can basically do what ever you want.

Good luck making the right descision.



I am converting from Interpret as well and there are alot of things I like with that I am trying to figure howto do the same In cscart. There are also things in cscart that a like better then Interspire.

In the mean while I figure things out there is a developer that has taken on where Interspire left off. They have already released a few service packs for it. I had them install it for me to keep my old site working while I work with cscart. They are also will release a multistore version as well shortly. I saw a demo off that.

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dont you know that there are guys who continued the shopping cart?

they called it “interspire shopping cart service pack version

they released 2 service pack version already.

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dont you know that there are guys who continued the shopping cart?

they called it “interspire shopping cart service pack version

they released 2 service pack version already.


True, but it's technically illegal. Only a matter of time before con merchants Mitchell and Eddie go after them for every penny they've got (like they did with all of us ex-users)