Need help for implementing a different ordering


I couldn’t find a way to implement the method I need with the present features. I don’t know if anybody need such a thing, but…What I need is :

After customer selected some products (let’s say a mix of products), before going to cart, he/she will go to a middle page. At this page, selected group of products will be given a name or label by customer. (Therefore customer will be able to reach the product mix, when needs it -e.g to order to same mix-). When saved the changes, the mix will be added to the shopping cart. At that point, customer may :

  1. go to checkout page
  2. prefer to add/remove some products from/to group
  3. begin to create another selection for another mix

    In shopping cart, there will be a line for every mix, and the price that is calculated from the products’ prices in the mix. And the all three options above will be present here, too.

    I feel the modifications is not straightforward. It will be very helpful if anyone has done such a thing or got an idea about the implementation.