Need Help Deciphering Exported Excel

Hello there!

I am trying import about 100 products (with a few options and sizes) into cs-cart with a manually created excel file. As a reference, I exported an excel file containing all fields, and one particular field is confusing me – the 'Options' field.

Below is a single product's option:

"{5237}color: S[{31049}WHITE/CADET NAVY {31042}WHITE/DUSTY BLUE {31051}WHITE/FRENCH PINK {31050}WHITE/ROBIN RED]; {5238}size: S[{31047}XL (10/12yr) {31046}L (7/8yr) {31045}M (5/6yr) {31044}S (3/4yr) {31043}XS (2yr) {31048}XXL (14/16yr)]"

I understand everything but the numbers in the curly braces. How are these generated and how can I do this for 1600+ records?

Each product has a unique ID.

Each Option has a unique ID which is linked to the product

Each Option Variant has a unique ID which is linked to the option id

What you're seeing here (eg {31046}) is the variant ID, {5237} in this case is the option ID.

So to add these options and variants by hand, would I just have null braces?

I haven't tried it to be honest, I would create a backup in CS-Cart first, then try import a few products with options, then fully check out the result in CS-Cart before going any further. If the import causes issues, you can always use your backup to restore.

I'll try it and edit this post with my results. Thank you for your quick responses, StellarBytes!

Just leave the braces out and it will create new options/variants. But if you're using global options, you probably want to use the specific option with the braces so that the changes are reflected in all products properly.

The developers were lazy when developing the import/export. They shouldn't require site specific identifiers in an import or provide it in an export. There should be two names with all these things. One, what's displayed to the client like 'Color' and the other is an internal name that is to be unique such as 'global color' or 'antique color list'. You'd then be able to import symbolically and use the same data on more than one store.

But alas, it's not done that way…