Need help Creating Inventory Pages

Hi all,

I began work on an existing CS-cart store and was told to completely redesign the store. I do not have experience in programming or in online stores so I was wondering if someone could help explain the basics to me.

I am using Dreamweaver to creating designs for the site. However, I have noticed that all the templates in the backend Template Editor are in .tpl format. I don't see a “save as .tpl” option in Dreamweaver; are html files okay? Is there a key difference?

So once I have created my inventory pages (i.e. a sidebar on the left and a space for adding products through cs-cart on the right) and I upload the files to the Template Editor, how do I designate the ones I upload for use? In addition, is there a specific way to designate where the product listings go when you add them through cs-cart, or does it find open space and use it?

If someone could help me with any of these issues I'd be greatly appreciative; I looked through the archives and couldn't find a post that answered these questions and I couldn't find the answers in the manual. CS-cart seems like a really cool tool, I'd just love to be able fully understand how to use it!

Thanks in advance!