Need feedback

Hi everyone,

We designed a new template for our shopping web site and I wanted some “professional” feedback if possible. I think the whole site is clear and design is pretty light but conversion is still low compared to our previous design and I wanted to know if there’s something bad I’m missing there.

I’d appreciate any comment (bad and good).

My site :

Thanks for your help.

Have you been able to track the traffic through your site to see where the drop off might be? I’d be trying to work out if the bounce rate has changed or if there seems to be any confusion for customers making their way through the site.

You could try stats progams like Clicky to easily set up goals and monitor your traffic. Google Analytics is great but it drives me mad as it’s 24hrs behind.

Other than that I think your site looks great - it is definitely a clean looking site, the 2 big elements that I personally look for are easily identifiable: security and customer service. Personally I would use larger product images, but that’s the kind of girl I am :slight_smile: I would also send the user straight to the cart as I’ve found that this has helped me with conversions in the past. Also, I’ve noticed that you’re not using the 1 page checkout - maybe trying that out might be a good idea. Making the testimonials more prominent might be something to think about too.

If it were me, the first place I would start would be to do some serious analysis of my stats to understand the traffic better, then make decisions after that.

Goodluck and well done on a nice site.

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