Need better "Suppliers" and "Product as Option" function

the current CS Cart “Suppliers addon” and “Product options” functionality to be so simplistic and lacking in function that its not useable for anything but the simplest options and cant cope with suppliers Product Codes when a product has options.

When even the simplest option is needed , CS cart cant cope.:


Product_1: CODE: “ANT-555”

Color Option:

Variant: “White”, – The Suppliers Product CODE: “ANT-555”

Variant: “Black”, – The Suppliers Product CODE: “ANT-556”

The suppliers ship product by the product CODE that is sent not by some color option description.

The wrong product is being shipped to my customers and this is costing me big time.

Im seeking advice as to weather any Addons are available to provide cscart v2.1.4 with a professional, real-world and serious Suppliers / Product as option / Drop-shipping / Multiple Warehouse functionality that works.

Advice appreciated.

I also would like to be able to designate other products as options. For many of my products, the same options are other products in the cart. Have not found a way to maintain inventory for these products. The option products can be purchased individually or as options for other products. Been wanting this since 2008. I have seen examples in other carts (not very common) what remoteone is suggesting. It's another option type where you list the product codes in the option list.


Apparently the “Option combinations” function's can help with this. I'm investigating.

Did you figure anything out on this? It's a big need for us too.

Hi, I ended up using product combinations and cloning 250 products. The problem is that I had to set the quantity to a very high number, like 10,000 so I never run out. Not able to maintain inventory. Its the same products used as options for the 250 products.

I use global options, but there is no quantity box.


Yeah we would prefer Global options as its easy to change the inventory etc on say 100 products all at the same time.

The “Option combinations” cant be used globally, I can see why, as product codes differ with each combination.

Now…if only a Product could be assigned as an Option to other products ! (call it an “Option Product”)

Both as a Global Option and within Option combinations .

This way Inventory, Supplier Notifications, Product Code etc could be taken care of.

1- If the Option Variant (Option or Global Option) is an “Option Product” then the Order shows this “Option Product” as a separate item, and thus will also be included in Supplier Notifications emails.

2- If the Combination Variant (Option combinations) is an “Option Product” then the Order shows this “Option Product” as a separate itemas above.

The problem I see is that there could be a situation that needs dealing with… There could be a Cascade effect where a Products “Option Product” also has an “Option Product” and it in turn has an “Option Product” etc …

The Product List page and Details Page would need to be able to show these to the customer.

But I guess it could be done. I do see complications for using this with Option combinations so Id be keen to start with just having this function with Option Variants, (both Options & Global Options)

Looking at this issue differently:

Currently, “Required Products” doesnt quite do whats needed.

But perhaps if a Required Product's options could be made to show up in the Parent Product List/Details page.??

Anyone know of an Addon already available for this?