Need a freelance Developer

I was hoping to find a freelance cs-cart developer to add a feature to my site. Basically, I want to do a price/quanitity discount but I want to do it by a definable grouping.

The site sells pencils and they do quantity price breaks in groups of four. I’ve attached an image to give a better idea.

For example, in this product there is Standard Service. Standard Service has sub listings of 1 color, 2 color, and 3 color. For each of those, the pricing is different based on 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, and 10000. “5C” is a non-tracked pricing code that’s just for the customer’s reference.

Another Group for this product is 2 day service, which only has the sub-listing of 1 color.

What happens is some products have different groups, Some will have 1 day service as well, and some products will break it down in different multiples, say 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000.

Each group will always have 5 quantity points and a pricing code, and each group will always have at least 1 sub listing.

So, what I would really like is for there to be a way in the cart admin area when editing a product to say, “Add Price group” and then put in the price group and the quantity multiples, and then be able to add sub-services to the group and their 5 price differences.

I would then like a way for that information to be displayed on the front end in the table similar to the image I’ve attached.

At this point only the first price groups sub listing would actually have to be figured into the cart.

Does any of this make sense? Are there any freelancers one out there that can help? Help Cs-cart forum, you’re my only hope.

Have you tried using otpions for the 1color, 2color,etc (with added $$ based on the option selection). and then the quantity pricing for the quantities of the various products? Or does the pricing of the 1color, 2color vary based on the products?

Another way to go about might be to use option combinations and have a list of the option combinations for the customer to choose from.

Is it truly a free-form table of data for each product? Or is there an algorithm that can be applied?

I haven’t used option combinations that much so I’m probably not the best to advise on their use. But those would be the areas I would investigate before deciding to do this with custom development.

It’s pretty much free form for each product. I tried messing around with options and option combinations but it’s not really doing anywhere near what I want.

So you’re gonna fill in a table of prices for each product? Ugh, sounds like a bunch of work. It probably wouldn’t be too tough to do the matrix, but having it work with all the other areas of the cart that deal with pricing (promotions, quantity pricing, taxes, etc.) might be very problematic.

This is going to involve all aspects of the cart. javascript, templates and php code.

Well at this point, only the first row is going to be factoring into the pricing —*so the other rows are more for display purposes only at this point. Later on they would have to factor in.