Need A Cs-Cart Developer

Our CS-cart store based on 4.7.3 is having a few issues. Every few hours there are a lot of processes spawning the server due to cs-cart and as a result bringing down the server.

Also we want some CS-Cart orders data (around 1200 orders) and related user information and product data to be transferred from one database to another database of a live site. This has to be first tested on a test store database which we will provide before moving to the live database.

Looking for an experienced CS-Cart developer to fix these issues.

I'm going to guess your store has been compromised which is what's causing the severe loading.

The cheapest thing you can do is purchase our EZ Admin Helper addon (docs are at run the security check that comes with it. It will check for known cs-cart intrusions. It may or may not find an issue. There are many other helpful tools included too. But as a start, it's cheaper than hiring a developer to investigate.

Regarding your other requests, feel free to contact us via the get-a-quote link in my signature. Be happy to work with you to define your needs and provide you with costs.