Need a CS-Cart consultant/expert to help with a few items


I am looking for some help for 3 CS-Cart sites that I have. Here is what I need help with. Please only respond if you have experience with CS-CART and let me know your rate.

  1. Need to embed videos from youtube to various product pages of a single CS-cart site

  2. Need to modify the colors of a skin that I bought from a third party on the home page.

  3. Add Zopim to 3 CS- cart sites - should be very quick.

    I can explain more in detail if needed.

    Please respond to

    Thank you

those 3 things are all available on the forums if you do a search im sure you will find your answers and save a few quid.

Also get firefox and firebug which will give you a good indicator of css changes to change the colour of your template.