Need A Advertise Function On Multi Vendor 4.2


Does some one have a advertise function on the multi vendor version 4.2?

We need a function for all vendors can make the publicity on the home main page and home page of each category and home page of each subcategory page (can disable or enable the category advertise page and subcategory pages), all vendors can choose the publicity place available by date, by space available, and upload the image to promote their store, the image need a link direct to the vendor store home page or category page or subcategory page, the vendor can add the link by their self.

If we use the 1st page of category page and 1st of subcategory page, we need add a design page like home page of the website and can edit for the advertise, then vendor can place the advertise by date or by space available. So all the products will be display start at 2nd page of category or subcategory, because we use the 1st page for the publicity.

We need some advertise space on the top, right side, left side, bottom of the page too, the admin can edit everything for this too.

Admin of the website can edit the template of the advertise, and edit the price of each different advertise, and can edit the image upload by vendor if the quality of the image is bad or the design is not nice.

Need a deposit amount space too, if the vendor don’t have the deposit on the account, the vendor can not place the advertise, for example, if the vendor have $100 in the deposit account, then he can not place the advertise more than $100 total, this function have to be automatic. When the vendor need pay the advertise balance first then he can continue place the advertise less than $100, if the vendor need make more advertiser over than $100, he need add more deposit. The deposit can not use to pay the advertise fee.

All vendor can add deposit amount by using the credit card or paypal to add more deposit or to pay the balance, or just send the payment by check. My website use off line payment for all vendors, we have authorize and paypal account now, but we don’t use it.

The advertise fee have a date limited to get the payment, the vendor need pay in a date limited, for example each end of the month. If some vendor pay 10 days later, he have to pay 10% penalty fee (can edit the amount of % by admin).

Can send the invoice of advertise fee to each vendor by automatic or a automatic system on the back office of each vendor for the invoice.

My website don’t take any commission of the sales, no monthly fee, no yearly fee. So we need a advertise function to get a profile.

You can send me back for the price and how long can finish for this add on.

Thanks in advance!