Native Mobie App Issues

Hi all, we are using cs-cart offical native mobile apps. so we are try using… because its doesnt work wery well

1-) New Product feature variants dont support with mobile apps. exactly customer cant select feature.

2-) Common products cant add to cart

3-) You cant use coupon codes.

4-) Menu: after out home page you cant find menu with easy way, you have to go back , go back,…

5-) No main company logo at eye cathing areas.

6-) Order history doesnt show order statuses, shipping information etc.

Thank you for your feedback. I had to edit out some parts of your post and leave only the parts that were related to "Whishlist & Feature Requests". Please allow me to address them point-by-point:

1, 2 - you are correct, these features haven't been implemented into mobile application yet. I've added your votes to the ones that are already on our internal tracking system.

3 - I'm looking at our internal tracking system, and it shows that coupon codes were added in January 2019. Could you tell me what bonus you're using for the coupon code? It'll help me investigate the issue.

5 - By "main company logo", do you mean "the logo of your marketplace"? If so, where exactly would you like to see it? Should it be clickable tappable? If so, where would you like the tap to take your customer?

4, 6 - I'll be able to further verify it on Monday. I'd check it right now, but we're working remotely due to COVID-19, and my own mobile phone can't run the app because it runs on Symbian.

I understand that you'd like to see some of those features sooner rather than later. However, when the amount of request is larger than than what we can implement (which is the case for most software with a large enough user base), we have to set priorities, and do some things first and others next.

P.S. We've recently released a video about what we implemented in Multi-Vendor last month, and I think the upcoming changes include some of the things you requested (specifically, RMA for vendors). I didn't show it in the video, but it should be available at

I just watched the video;

  • finally good to see rma for vendors

    If we talk about mobile apps i cant see big deals

    You are changed category images its have to feature? Or product rating in categories?


    3 - cart havent a box for apply coupon code

    5- yes marketplace logo, app main page top write only marketplace name with text its too bad must be there is marketplace logo

    You wait enough user for implement feature variants correct?

    So we are selling a shirt with default variant M

    But customer cant buy XL

    But you have to wait enough user voice fixing this right?

    Check your demo apps order history, you cant see order statusses

    You can put buttons at bottom of app home, catalog, profile, cart like simtechs pwa

    Catalog can be work with builtin system menu , main menu

    And you can put app top marketplace logo and search button, this way can more usable, please just check another ecommerce apps you will see all is same designed what i told you.

@ikoshkin did u check ?

I hope corona dont catch u, i am wait still ur reply