Naming of images and thumbnails

I am adding a lot of products using the cloning feature. Is there any way of stopping the thumbnails being named 880428263_14248126_2041767404_1293011383_1343551759_1689769300_500979718_696218719_1475924445_1666973062_1844621485_1498520822_thumbnail_dmblack12467971444a509d589c9ed.jpg with all the extra numbers.

If I upload the same image from my server, it names it thumbnail_dmblack12462390384a48193e50789.jpg. I can deal with this amount of extra numbers and the fact that the actual name of my image is at the beginning, but when you clone products, is there any way of stopping the automatic addition of all those numbers?

I have the same question…did you find an answer to this problem?