Mysql V8.0 Support/testing

I have heard and read some pretty good things about the latest version of MySQL (v8.0). Has anyone done any testing, specifically compatibility testing with this new version?

The performance improvement and a few other query advancements have me looking into this new version but I just have not done any full suite testing using this new version.

also i am waiting mysql 8 support with memcached.

Doing some performance testing -- a couple of things came out that indirectly are affected by v8.

From what I understand, MySQL is driving further towards the InnoDB engine for several reasons, which i understand and actually agree with.

BUT, this hurts the Cart functionality/performance. For one, doing a wholesale change of all tables to InnoDB actually brought my performance (req/sec, queries/sec) down by about 50%.

The other REAL issue is a very nice little parameter that goes with the MyISAM engine: query_cache_type.

This parameter 'supposedly' goes away with version 8. Testing performance with this set to 0 dramatically decreases the performance -- brings it down to the overall InnoDB performance. So, anyone having performance issues, take a look -- with 3M products in our database, we need every ounce of speed.

Now, regarding InnoDB and the performance with the Cart.... It is unfair to evaluate the performance how I did. InnoDB has a completely different index scheme. This will take a LOT of work to get tuned but I'm hoping to find some time to start rebuilding the indexes to be more in alignment with how it wants them.

I really need to look into putting memcached in front of/with the database, another item on the todo list. It might get more important having to go to InnoDB.

Is CS-cart supporting mySQL8 yet? Thanks

Is CS-cart supporting mySQL8 yet? Thanks

Yes, should be supported. They have supported it since beginning of 2019 if I recall correctly.

Thank you, but i couldnt find anywhere mention that they support mySQL 8 even on their document.