MYSQL Error on site upgrade

Hello All

I heard that some people were having issues upgrading to 2.0.9 and it seems I’m one of them.

I created a 2.0.9 version of my site in a sub-directory, followed all the instrictions and after running the upgrade script I got this error.

Database error: Table 'fakedbname.cscart_block_positions' doesn't exist (1146)
Invalid query: SELECT location FROM cscart_block_positions WHERE object_id = 0

I’m getting this error when I check it in the sub-directory before I move it to root, was going to move if it worked OK, which it doesn’t…

Any ideas?


Actually I may have answered my own question.

I notice that the upgrade package is called: Database upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.5-sp4 to 2.0.8

I was trying to use it on 2.0.9.

Is new upgrade package going to be written for 2.0.10?

Or is 2.0.8 still available for download somewhere? (I couldn’t see it in the file area of the customer helpdesk).



I had to ask CS-Cart to put 2.0.8 back on my files in the helpdesk. Because 2.0.10 was not out yet, they did. They may not now.


Great - Thanks for the answer jegesmaci.

I’ll contact CS-Cart.