My Site Looks Different In IE vs. Chrome. Help!

my url is

In Google Chrome the site looks great! But when I go to Internet Explorer the site is all messed up. I used [url=“”][/url] to validate any errors and it came up with 2 errors that may be causing this.

Notice in Chrome that on the top of the bar I have deleted the “select category box” in the search. I do not want this feature their. I deleted it last night, and now in IE, that seems to be the problem.

How do I delete the “category select” box and still have the website look nice in both browsers?

Thanks, any info would be helpful!

No response can aid you as it is unclear whether or not you are trying to display the 'Select a Category' list or not. I would assume so given the changes to the template you have made. The list of tags are missing either a or , presumably in this case. Certainly adding tags where they should be - enclosing the list of - solves the problem in IE and Firefox. It is also for this same reason that the Select a Category list does not appear in Chrome.

I don't know why you didn't just delete the Top Menu in the Default block and create a new HTML block with the content you wanted there.