My shy categories at my storefront


I’m still using cart version 2.0.15 due to my design.

I have put a flash file in central column at my storefront.

It was javascript before but my boss wanted to have flash on it.

Problem occured since.

When I put cursor on the menu subcategories show but the sub categories are hiding behind the flash.

How do I make them not hidding behind the flash??

Please go to and take a look at my shy menu.

This has always been a problem with flash. Here’s a link to a discussion on a flash developer site:

[url]Dropdown Menu Hiding Behind Flash Movie

You need to set the flash “wmode” to “transparent” and the z-index for both the flash and the menu. Lots of fun.

Thank you!!!

I got a line of code to add to the page with the flash file.

This worked for me.