My images are not showing. Please help

A bunch of my pictures are not showing up on the front end nor the back end that were showing up fine before. I’m thinking that when my webhost restored my site back to October 14th recently, he may not have uploaded a vital file? Could anyone give me an idea of what is going on? Im guessing but I have no idea and unfortunately I cant get in touch with my webhost right now. Here is a screen shot of my backend to give a better idea of what Im talking about.

You can try right clicking on the missing image and go to properties and see the location of the thumbnail and verify that location exits on your site and has the right access rights.

Thanks for your response zeero6. [color=#1F497D][font=Calibri, sans-serif][size=4]There is a folder in the C Panel for those images and I am thinking now they are gone because the thumbnail size has been changed. Could that be the problem? And if so, will restoring the thumbnail settings bring the pictures back?[/size][/font][/color]

You got to make sure that the names match exactly. If you look at the name of one that is missing and go into that folder to see if its the same exact name or exists in that folder. You may try to edit the product again and look for the file or re upload. Not sure if restoring the settings will work.

ok thank you zeero6. it looks like reuploading the images is what we will have to do.