My First CS-Cart Website! How it looks

Hi all,

Here is my first live site designed with cs-cart community Edition

How it looks!!

Any comment and suggestion welcome :)

Very professional, shame you can't purchase online?

Nice and clean, well done



I would remove [Contact us for a price] in categories


[quote name=‘Darius’ timestamp=‘1315584201’ post=‘121332’]


I would remove [Contact us for a price] in categories



Yes ! But This is not not related to design issue :)

Acutally my client do not want to pubish price right now. So I have disable this… This is default option for zero [0] price product in cs cart 2.2.2. If we put price it should already come in place of "Contact us for a price " like "$40.00 ". Sill thank you very much for your valuable suggestion.

Very Nice.

Can you share how you did your Category Menu?

Very nice job. I like it when a site doesn't look like a typical CS-Cart site.

You might want to look at it in IE7, the top menu area is all miss-aligned. Otherwise very nice.


It is so odd and refeshing to not see a huge top menu with rotating images or flash or something. The site gets right to the meat and potatoes. Nice job!

Very good job. Perfect in every ways.


Thank you all for your valuable comments and suggestions. CS-Cart is really greart for customizing and lots of feature. I am really enjoying it.

@Kogi : I have used used “dynamic” option feature of CS-Cart. You can find it in admin>design>block>allpages>side category

Then edit it and choose dynamic menu in place of emenu.