My Changes / Presets CS Cart 4


Does anyone know the possible options of presets in CS Cart 4?

I would like create a unique template for CS-Cart 4.


  1. I clone the basic template.
  2. I clone the default preset en give it some new colours.
  3. The rest I style in the css files.

    But now I can not use this template for other shops because I can not export / download the new preset.

    Share your knowledge about presets here!

I added the my_changes addon and it works.

But in CS-Cart 3 de styles.css in the my_changes addon is the most important. In CS-Cart 4 the my_changes styles.css becomes on the second place. See screen:

You have to use the !important tag on some of the styles as the ordering is wrong in V4.

The “order” should be following the “priority” of the addon. my_changes is set to the highest priority for a “int(11) Unsigned” which is what the DB defines the priority as. Css should load by proiroty, low to high.

It should do but it doesn't in V4 there have been other threads about the issue and it's been raised in the bug tracker.

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But now I can not use this template for other shops because I can not export / download the new preset.


After some attempts to figure out how it works I came to the following.

  1. In the base shop (for instance Simthech) I created 4 different presets (in my present v. 3 Ultimate I have 4 shops) - this is what you did by cloning a preset.
  2. Then when you clone a theme for other shops these presets must be available in “Customize theme” mode… The only trick is to guess the proper layout (in the top-right side of the “Theme editor” black rectangle) - after cloning there will be available some different layouts which were created automatically. Select that layout (for instance Main) when ALL your recently created presets are available. Then select necessary preset. All other layouts I deleted to avoid confusing - I did it for each shop.

    I assume that this is not correct way although it works for me. Now I am thinking how to backup blocks-layouts-presets (which tables) in order to import them in future - I am waiting for the next version with shop import function and only playing with test v. 4.

@NairdaCart then I guess it will get fixed in a subsequent release. It it marked “confirmed” in bug tracker?

!important is not an option for us.

I applied this “#tygh_container” fore some CSS tags.

Maby it works when we create a styles.less

That should do it. That's new information that has only just been added as it wasn't there a few days ago.

Wish there was an RSS feed or similar for updates to the KB and developer docs (or maybe there is and I don't know where it is). It would certainly make life a lot easier at times!