My_Changes ignored when join_css is set to true.

Basically exactly what the title says.

Right now Ive got my background and header the way I want it. Full 100% width and with a black/white header with motorcycles on it.

These changes are in the my_changes folder and work.

When I go to local.config.php and set true to the join_css, all my styles are ignored in my_changes.

The main background shrinks so there is a black border around the whole website and the top header vanishes.


Add the !important declaration to the styles which get “ignored”. In fact, they don't get ignored, the join_css setting throws all of the relevant CSS files into one, and the CSS rules are parsed as they appear in the CSS stylesheet. Your CSS classes which you believe to be getting ignored are superceded and thus rendered by another class with the same name (ie. the original class and declarations, not the class you are trying to overwrite). Using !important effectively tells the browser “use me and ignore the others, I'm more important”. Example use:

.sidebox-title {
background: #000000 !important;


In v3, when you set join_css to true, your custom css files in my_changes are joined to the default CS-Cart's css files, but many addons have css that are NOT joined.

IF you included classes in your custom CSS file that override classes in the addon's css files, the addon's css will actually override the joined css - because they are applied after the joined classes are read.

StellarBytes' recommendation of using the !important tag will probably fix this problem.

I ended up just having to edit the css for each of the addons that I need to. (The news & emails, and comments & reviews addons in particular).

I've also read on here that some people have edited the cached joined css file, and then lost their changes after clearing the cache. You should avoid that.

Well i tried using the !important tag and that didn't work. It also changed my changes.

I've never had to do this before. I've always been able to join_css and nothing changes. But this is recently, about a month or so ago that it doesn't keep the my_changes.

Ive found something to be odd to me when i set the CSS to true and checked the styles with firebug.

Looking at the top banner, I laid the mouse over the image code and it said “Failed to load the given URL”

(Code below is from style_c_26419e2061f9923cc40322cf81665016.css)

Also this code below isnt even in my styles.css period. So im not sure where it is looking at this from?

header {
background: url("../../../../skins/basic/customer/addons/my_changes/css/images/2013topbanner222xxx.jpg") no-repeat scroll center top #000000;
height: 171px;

Interesting thing though, is that header image is not my header image. The header image that is in the my changes styles that Im using is this:

.header {
background: url("images/new-top-header.jpg") no-repeat center top #620303;
height: 171px;
-webkit-background-size: cover;
-moz-background-size: cover;
-o-background-size: cover;
background-size: cover;


Figured it out. Apparently the cache in the var folder was still hanging it up.

I guess when I do the ?cc after the URL it still doesnt erase that. So I deleted the old cache and joined the css together and it works now.