My_Changes Css Duplicate

My websites custom css file in my_changes folder is showing up twice when I inspect the page using google chrome. Does anyone know what would be causing the same css file to show up twice? Thanks for the help.

Can it be called twice in different files?

It is the same styles.pcl file being called twice. Here is a screen shot of how the duplicates are showing up.


It is require to examine issue directly on your server. Try to contact CS-Cart support team

I will. Thank you!

Might look at the actual directory where the static file is and ensure you don't have two copies (slightly different names) there indicating a permission/ownership issue.

Note what you can also check source code of the page and check content of the .css file. The list of all included files can be found there. Please check if any files are included twice

This is strange. I checked the compiled css file and it shows the duplicates. But my static file does not show any duplicates. The compiled css file has my_changes css at the beginning directly before styles.css then a second time at the very end of the compiled css file. I have deleted my_changes css and reloaded it and still same issue. Could it by trying to load a back up css file? I can't figure out what is causing this.

Then you still have an old hook file that is using the '' directive rather than the '{style' smarty tag and the hook is probably using the 'pre' format.

Review what's in your my_changes/hooks/index directory and find your duplicate.

In my my_changes/hooks/index directory there is the and it points to {style src="addons/my_changes/styles.pcl.css"} which is the correct css file with no duplicates.

Can only assume that something is directing the compiler to include your file twice (once early like a 'pre' hook and once again as a 'post' hook). You'll may have to add some additional logging to see the call stack on including the various files that the compiler is using.

It is required to examine the issue on your server. PM me temporary FTP access so that our specialists can check the issue