My Changes addon for Admin side

How can I use My Changes addon to change styles for the admin side of the cs-cart?

Thank you in advance.

Same as you do for customers but have it be skins//admin/addons/my_changes.

Same goes for controllers addons/my_changes/controllers/admin/my_changes.php (example).

Thanks a lot!

So, when when I make changes to …/core/fn.catalog.php , I should place the file in

…/addons/my_changes/core/fn.catalog.php or

…/addons/my_changes/core/fn.catalog.override.php ?

Neither of those seem to work.

Does my_changes addon support changes to core php files?

Actually, im gonna need some help with this …

The my_changes addon seems to be for hooks supported changes. But what if you want to override a template or php file completely.

Eg: If I have made changes to


can I place the new file in


Does it need to be …/product_features.override.tpl ?

Or will that just not be supported by my_changes at all ?

Likewise, Changes to …/schemas/block_manager/structure.php - does my_changes support placing the mod'd file in

…/addons/my_changes/schemas/block_manager/structure.override.php or

…/addons/my_changes/schemas/block_manager/structure.php ?

Just need clarity on this because Ive made so so many modifications on the admin and customer side that I just wont be able to do any upgrades.

Help greatly appreciated…

There are PHP hooks (see the series I wrote on that in the Developers section).

You can't override php files. You can use pre and post actions for “controllers”. I.e. you can get to the data before checkout by having a addons/my_changes/controllers/customer/checkout.pre.php file where you can setup other data if you need to. Or you can get to the data after the standard cart finishes with it by using addons/my_changes/controllers/customer/ But there is no 'override' but you might be able to use a php hook instead.

Just like in the customer view… If you want to replace some chunk of the html generated, use a template hook. If the hook you want doesn't exist, add it and put a nice comment so you'll know what you did when it gets clobbered at upgrade time. There are much fewer template hooks in the admin area. Only really those needed to support the standard addons that cs-cart distributes. So you more than likely will need to add new hooks.

Thanks for the info. Ive just started to getting the hang of the addon structure.

It seems that /core/files.php are not supported which makes sense. Many of the mods to PHP files in /schemas/structure.php for example are made to existing functions. So I guess Ill need to create new functions in /my_changes, and then create new hooks in .tpl files to pre, post or override them … Then when updating, as you say, theres only the “hooks” code that will be clobbered.

Ive had to make a lot of changes to the admin side as the standard csc2.1.4 is some what limited on the categories management side. As you say, there's not many hooks on the admin side. Now Ive checked out 2.2.1 and it stuffs up everything Ive fixed in admin, and the “pretty” look & feel of 2.2.1 is an big step backwards for Back-end Productivity. I found Csc2.2.1, and I'm not exaggerating, actually impossible to use without serious CSS and .tpl changes. I wont be updating in the sort term for this particular store.

But I digress, thanks for the fast reply.


I need to change banner carocel.tpl then How can I override using my changes addon ??

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I have a problem displaying add to cart & select option button in grid view only in ipad & phone, but its perfect in pc view…Can help me how can I fix this issue…

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