My Admin Panel Is Unable To Respond Anything

Dear Forum Members,

Recently, I have upgraded my CS cart Multi vendor version from 4.12.2.SP2 to the latest CS cart Multivendor version. After upgrading, I have encountered some issues on the frontend store. Thus, I have restored my site and database to the old CS cart Multi vendor version 4.12.2.SP2 using the "server rewind" feature on the control panel from the hosting provider.

Now the problem is that I can login to the backend admin panel using my admin account. But the admin panel page nothing response after login. Please refer to the attached screenshot.

Could you kindly advise where was the mistake?

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Try manually clearing the cache by removing the folder var/cache

Hi EZ,

Thank you for your reply. I have tried to clear the var/cache manually for several times and have tried with different browsers and Mobile browsers as well.

The one thing is noted that the Admin panel allows to login through Recovery password link whereas with the actual user name and password, the Admin panel simply shows a blank page.

Kindly advise.

Thank you.

When I say "manually" I mean to actually delete the folder var/cache and all its sub-folders using your file manager or other means at your disposal.

Also check server error logs for new errors