My Admin Area Is Automatically Redirecting Question

So, when I go to my site normally, it appears fine but when I go into my admin area to try to log in, it is fine, until I actually physically log in and go into the admin area, then it is taking me to my webhosts directory

Any idea how to fix this so it will stay my domain name instead of it switching over to my hosts domain name? Thanks

Also, if I try to use the access the main site, I get No storefronts defined, but it works perfectly fine if I go to

It just switches over to in the admin area.

At first check http_host and https_host values in the config.local.php file

Yeah think that's the problem hehe. I am going to send ya a PM because I don't want to put my domain info out there.

Think that took care of it. Thanks!

Think that took care of it. Thanks!

I am glad to hear that the issue is solved!