my account dropdown border problem

Hi All,

Im using 3.03 cart and in this version there's a border in a dropdown (my account and cart).

I can't find in css where should I fix that. Someone knows maybe?


[attachment=6858:myaccount_border.png] [attachment=6859:myaccount_noborder.png]



Hello UrKo,

Thank you for your message.

The problem requires examination on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk and provide temporary access to your server by clicking on the Add record link on the Access information page of your Help Desk account so that we could examine the issue.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Hello Pavel,

Thank you for the reply.

I will open a ticket.


Do you have Firebug installed? You can right click on it and go “inspect element” Firebug will tell you the name of the div and the css used right away.

just change a number in your css, is not necessary “exhaustive examinatios in your server”

.popup-content {

margin-top: -1px;


if you don't know, send me a message. I can help you.