Mve Plus Some Advices To Cs-Cart

Hi team, i know mve plus is newbie but i want some advices to you.

1-) Common product, vendor can create own products or admin can disable creating product from addon settings its ok but, when vendor create own product its cant sell another vendors, think common product is not listed main catalog and a lot of vendor can be open same product, then its create a complexity.

--Vendor must be create only common product, after admin approve, automatically begin sale which created vendor. and another vendors can be sell same product ( like amazon )

2-) vendors using default shipping methods, thats ok. but Admin must be setup Returned shipping costs, drop from vendor commissions, similar cross combinations...

3-) i cant find vendor commissions invoicing.

4-) vendor commission must be calculate after customer product approve,

thats all for now..

Common Products for Vendors (CPV) is still in BETA, as is the entire MV Plus. The biggest problem of CPV is that it creates a new product_id for the selected common product but does not inherit its properties, only refers to them. The chosen CP should be entirely cloned and the vendor should be given access to all its tabs, not just to 3 of them. If you want to help vendors sell more products, do not restrict their privileges and permissions.

As for your points, here is how some MVP owners solve the case

1. Allow creating own products. When the product is created, take it from the vendor and turn it into common product, then all vendors can appropriate it. - This in my view is a bad practice, but working if you don't nurture some scruples.

2. Returns are not possible in MVP, esp. if you activate the Separate Checkouts.

3-4. Commission-based plans are risky, no matter how often you suspend the vendor.