Mv 4.2.1 - Seo & Mailchimp Integration


With the new release of MV 4.2.1 and the improvement done to SEO (301, Google Rich Snippet, Canonical Url, etc) and Mailchimp Integration, is still there any need to acquire any of the SEO and Mailchimp Add on offered by several developers?

Or there is still some value added with these add ons? Can someone elaborate more on this?


All cs-cart provides is the ability to add an email address to a subscriber list. Any Mailchimp Segmentation is not supported. However it is fully support in our Mailchimp addon (and probably other's).

The other part that is bad about the MailChimp that comes with CS-Cart 4.2.1 is the fact that it shuts down the older “News & e-mails”. This means it not only shuts down any of the old emails you have, but it shuts off all of the “news” that was spidered by search engines. So all of a sudden this adds more broken links to your website in webmaster tools.


Does you addon allow the old “news” to stay on?

I'd report that behavior as a bug.

Our mailchimp addon does nothting with any other addons. It is completely independent. Up until V4.2, we recommended replacing the standard subscription block with ours (which is more configurable about what info to ask for and whether it's required or not). But with the new styles in in 4.2 footer it doesn't really support more than an email address as input. When they went to 4.2 we assumed no one will use our subscription block and that the list used for cs-cart/subscriptions would be the same as the merchant configured when they used our subscription block. But our functionality remains but the subscription block might need re-styling for 4.2.

Why would this be a bug? If you try to activate the “news and emails” while you have the new “email marketing” CS-Cart will tell you “Warning: Add-on “News & e-mails” is incompatible with the following add-ons: E-mail marketing. It cannot be enabled”. I'm just no so sure they thought it through all the way. Turning off all of those “news” items is just not a good idea in my mind. So without a doubt I would get their famous reply, “working as designed.”

And that's the bug. They didn't think it through…