Must have add-ons?

As a new cs-cart owner I find it tricky to work out what I need vs what’s in the software already. For example, SEO. After buying the software I find plug-ins for $100 to $500.
Another example is the search functionality. So I went out and bought Cart-Powers “Live Search”.

What are the add-ons you guys use that you’ve found are necessary and those that help you increase profitability ?

One Step Checkout from CSCart Rocks
Vivashop Theme from EnergoThemes

ecom labs Vendor’s Meta Data allows you to set SEO for vendors, and their Pages Content In Blocks is awsome, not sure that the SEO logic in that flows through to the page it is embedded within.

One problem with add-ons is that they can interfere with each other or core store functionality. For that purpose you are best off staying with one developer where you can and at very least market leaders like ecom labs (who you can see from this forum are pretty knowledgeable).

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Thanks. Will check it out.

What would be the best addon for onpage seo such as siloing from product pages to other relevant categories etc.

I think it is crucial to have decent onpage backlinks within your website